10 Lines Merry Christmas Essay in English for Kids Class 1,2,3,4 and 5

Merry Christmas

A Few Short, Simple Points on Merry Christmas for Kids

  1. Christmas is the most imporant festival of the christians.
  2. It is celebrated on the 25th december every year.
  3. Christmas is a special day for the christians all over the world.
  4. This is the birthday of jesus christ.
  5. Christ is the god of the christians.
  6. Some say christ is the beloved son of the god almighty.
  7. Jesus christ is the father of christianity.
  8. He preached his message of love and universal brotherhood among people.
  9. People heard him with interest and many became his followers.
  10. So the birth day of christ is very acuspicious for the christians.

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