10 Lines on Kartarpur Corridor Inauguration Day in English for Class 1,2,3,4 and 5

Kartarpur Corridor Inauguration Day

A Few Short, Simple Points on Kartarpur Corridor for Kids

  1. Kartarpur Corridor Inauguration Day is on 9 november.
  2. Prime minister imran khan inaugurated the kartarpur corridor on 9 november 2019.
  3. The ceremony was held in the gurdwara darbar sahib complex, kartarpur in pakistan.
  4. It connects the gurdwara darbar sahib in pakistan to the border with india.
  5. During the 1947 partition of india, the region was divided between india and pakistan.
  6. It is the one of important sikh holy places.
  7. There are around 12,000 pilgrims were present on this ceremony.
  8. India and pakistan agreed to allow visa-free travel of indian citizens to kartarpur.
  9. It was first proposed in early 1999 by atal bihari vajpayee and nawaz sharif.
  10. The first guru of sikhism, guru nanak, founded kartarpur in 1504 ce.

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