10 Lines on Mahashivratri Essay in English for Class 1,2,3,4 and 5


A Few Lines Short Simple Essay on Mahashivratri for Kids

  1. Mahashivratri is one of the most important festivals of Hindus.
  2. Mahashivratri means the great night of Lord Shiva.
  3. This is the day when Lord Shiva married Goddess Parvati.
  4. It falls on the 13th and 14th day of the month of Falgun in the Hindu calendar.
  5. Early in the morning, devotees visit the temples of Lord Shiva to offer prayers.
  6. People shout slogans like “Har Har Mahadev” and “Om Namah Shivay” in prayer.
  7. Some devotees also observe fast on the occasion of Mahashivratri.
  8. People also perform “Rudrabhishek” in their homes and temples on Mahashivratri.
  9. In temples, people offer water and milk over the “shivalinga” as a form of prayer.
  10. Many people offer leaves of “Bel” tree, “Bhang” etc. to the idols of Shivling and Parvati during Mahashivratri.

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