10 Lines on National Cancer Awareness Day in English for Class 1,2,3,4 and 5

National Cancer Awareness Day

A Few Short, Simple Lines on National Cancer Awareness Day for Kids

  1. National Cancer Awareness Day is observed every year on 7 November.
  2. Its main objective is to raise awareness about cancer and encourage its prevention.
  3. Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally.
  4. Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of a group of cells in the body.
  5.  It occurs when the body’s normal control mechanisms stop working.
  6. Cancer can occur anywhere in the body.
  7. If it is not detected at the right time and it can increase the risk of death.
  8. The most common types of cancer are lung, prostate, colorectal, stomach, and liver
  9. in September 2014, it was announced National Cancer Awareness Day.
  10. A cancer diagnosis is quite frustrating.

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