10 Lines on Unity Is Strength in English for Class 1,2,3,4 and 5

Unity Is Strength

A Few Short Simple Lines on Unity Is Strength for Kids

  1. We need strength to successfully live on this earth.
  2. Unity means to be powerful.
  3. it is said that unity is strength.
  4. we should realize the value of unity.
  5. This spirit of unity is now-a-days manifested in different forms.
  6. N.A.T.O. and S.E.A.T.O are all the different expression of unity.
  7. By our united effort we can easily achieve what we separately cannot.
  8. If we be united we will be very strong and powerful.
  9. Unity should be made and maintained for good purpose.
  10. Hence, unity is strong and powerful.

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