10 Points on Armistice Day in English for students

Armistice Day

A Few Short, Simple Lines on Armistice Day for Kids

  1. Armistice day is celebrated every year on 11 november.
  2. It marks the armistice signed between the allies of world war.
  3. It was declared a national holiday in many allied nations.
  4. It is an international holiday.
  5. Armistice day is the sign of achievement of peace in the world.
  6. Many western countries and associated nations have changed the name into “remembrance day”.
  7. On 11 november 2018, the centenary of the armistice, commemoration was held globally in france.
  8. The first armistice day was held at buckingham palace.
  9. It has been a statutory holiday in serbia since 2012.
  10. Serbia is an allied force that suffered the largest casualty rate in world war i.

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