10 Points on World Television Day in English for Class 1,2,3,4 and 5

World Television Day

A Few Short, Simple Lines on World Television Day for Kids

  1. World television day is celebrated on 2 november.
  2. It is to raise awareness among people about the role that it plays in communication and globalization,
  3. it was declared as “world television day” by the united nations general assembly in 1996.
  4. Television is a symbol of communication and globalization.
  5. The world’s first electronic television was invented in 1927.
  6. Philo taylor farnsworth invented the television.
  7. The world believes that television is the greatest invention of human civilization.
  8. It is a combination of audio and video formats.
  9. It is the best entertainment tool which provides movies, news, and sports on real-time.
  10. Various people including journalists, writers, bloggers get together and promote world television day.

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