2-3 Minute Short Speech on Water Day in English for Students for Class 5,6,7,8,9 and 10

Honorable / Esteemed President/Principal/Headmaster, respected Chief Guest/Chief Speaker /Teachers, and my friends.

I am here happy to express on topic why we observe the water day? All of you know that 22nd marc is called as the water day, it is observed all over the world.

Water is no doubt our life. Without water both human and animal life cannot survive. So, water is must for life. But it is seen all around the wastage of water.

As we know water not only necessary for life but also used in industries, health sector, agriculture etc. Our underground water goes to less day by day.

Water pollution also a cause for less water. The scientists are indicated us the dangerous impact regarding vanishing of wa ter in the coming days. Day-to-day happening incidents we see in newspaper People go for water by walking four kilometers, many places across the country, suffer the water problem.

So, considering the problem of water intake, we should be very careful to save the water. Water gives us life. So we must aware and develop the water resources.

We should utilise the water shortly as per own necessity. We want to use the water as pollution-free. Water is life and one drop of water save lakhs of life.

This type of motto should keep in our mind. Then, we will receive the real fruit of water intake. Hopping, a great health by drinking non-polluted water, I here remain, thank you.

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