5-Minute AIDS Day Speech in English for School Students

Honorable/Esteemed President/Principal/Head master, respected Chief Guest/Chief Speaker /Teachers and my friends. Friends you all are very much aware of the today’s get-together.

Today is first December, the AIDS Day. It is being observed in the whole world in this very day as the AIDS day. I am very happy that I have been given a chance to say something about the “Importance of AIDS Day” to day.

In Fact, today is 1st December, the AIDS Day. Actu ally, the disease which has terrified the whole world today is known as AIDS. It was time when the people were not acquinted “What is AIDS?” They had even not heard about it.

The full name of AIDS is Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromé. It is generally said that AIDS is just like taming. a cobra at home by giving at milk. According to the survey report, there are eight thousand people die by AIDS in the world every day.

However, gradually, the effect of this fatal disease is increasing in ‘our Odisha. At first one Odia took AIDS to Odisha from Mumbai in 1992. From that day onwards, the seed of AIDS has created a terror in the mind of the people of Odisha.

It is known that the highest patients of AIDS are present on the district of Ganjam Generally, the labourers coming from Mumbai, Kolkata, Surat etc. are the victim of this. dangerous disease.’

However, the main reason of the aflection of AIDS is the careless sexual inter course. Again, if one is receiving the in feeted blood of another, then there is probability of affection of this disease. Starting from the equipments of shaving to the toothbrush, the germs of disease can be transferred.

After affected by ‘AIDS, the weight of a patient at first starts decreasing. The eyes become bloodleSS.Fever, headace, Jundice etc. continue for months together. fA’Ds is once affected, then the petient depends upon the blessings of God.

Almost the prostitutes who live on the sea beach are generally the patients of AIDS. Of course, if the AIDS is not checked then it will de stroy the whole humanity very soon.

One thing is very im portant that the disease AIDS is not a disease of touch or a contagious disease. We should not hatean AIDS petient, rather we should treat an AIDS patient with love and affec tion.

It is regarded as the most fatal and dangerous disease of all. The medicine of this disease has not been invented so far. An AIDS patient only struggles for existence and struggles with his death.

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