An Ideal Student Essay in English for High School and College Student

An Ideal Student

introduction :

Students are the future of the country. They should idealize themselves to the students from time to time. So they should know what makes an ideal student.

Description :

An ideal student has a high ambition. He bears the thirst of the saints for knowledge. He reads a lot of good books, magazines, and printed newspapers.

He maintains his health through clean habits, regular exercise, healthy food, pure water, free light, free air, self-restraint, enough rest, and good sleep.

He behaves well. He is obedient to his elders. He loves his little ones very much. He has a high sense of discipline. He is regular and punctual in all his work.

He is neither eccentric nor clingy. He is frugal. He is a patriot. He loves his country very much. He does social service, he has great devotion towards God.

He offers morning prayer and evening prayer.
He is just and kind. He is active and cheerful, he is never passive. Continuous labor is their main motto.

Conclusion :

An ideal student is the hope of the nation. He is the pride of the country. Therein lies the future of mankind.

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