500 + Words an Ideal Teacher Essay in English for High School and College Students

An Ideal Teacher


A teacher forms the foundation of his students as the future citizens of the country. Therefore a teacher must be an ideal teacher himself.


An ideal teacher should be at home in his teaching subjects. He should be able to clearly explain his subjects to his students. His voice should be clearly heard on the last bench in the class. Every day he should come prepared for the lesson he has to teach in the class that day. He should not take any private tuition for hire purposes.

They should train the students who need it the most. An ideal teacher should be a teacher of study habits. There should be a library of books around it. These books should not be cheap novels or detectives.

Because he should read for knowledge. He must be an avid reader. He should keep himself busy between his books. Apart from this, he should read good magazines and newspapers.

An ideal teacher should come to his class on time and leave his class on time. While teaching he should give equal attention to all the students of the class. While teaching he should use all the teaching material required.

He/she should not indulge in any bias while estimating the marks on the answer sheets. An ideal teacher should be a person of character. He must be influential. He should be a person of service and sacrifice. He should have equal affection for all his students. He should be hardworking and dutiful. He should record his experience as a teacher.

Conclusion :

An ideal teacher is the biggest asset of the country. That’s why every teacher should try to be a role model.

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