7 Examples of Email Writing Format for Students

How to Write Email Writing Format?

How to Write Email Writing Format | Examples of Professional/formal /Business/official Email Writing Format and Samples for Students in English Class 7,8,9,10,11 and 12

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Q.1 Write an E-Mail to Your Friend Asking Him for a Loan.


To: sksahoo@gmail.com
CC :
From : bcpradhan@yahoomail.com
Date : 20/3/2016
Re: Request for a loan.
My daughter Sima’s marriage was settled in Puri all on a sudden. I have arranged 5 lakhs. Can you give me a loan of Rs.50,000/- for two months only?

Q.2. Write an E-Mail to Your Father Informing Him About Your Result.


To: bkdas@gmail.com
CC :
Date : 20/2/2016
Re: Information about test exam result.

My test examination result has come out. I have secured 88% marks. I am labouring hard to secure 95% marks in the annual exam. I need your blessing.

Q.3. Write an E-Mail to a Him to Send Few Sets of Books.


To: saralabooks@gmail.com
From : bksatpathy@yahoomail.com
Date : 20/3/2016
Re: Order for few sets of books.

Dear Sir,
I want to place order for one sets of books for Class-X, one set for Class-IX, and one set for Class-VIII. I am sending a bank draft of Rs.5,000/- alongwith the e-mail. Please send books by bus.
the Basant Kumar Satpathy

Q.4 Write an E-Mail to a Friend Describing to Attend His Birthday.


To: mkbarik@gmail.com
cc: From:rpdas@yahoomail.com
Date : 20/3/2016
Re: Sorry for not attending Birthday.

I am extremely sorry for my inability to attend your birthday on 30th March, as I have a previous engagement. God bless you and may God give you long life.

Q.5 Write an Email to Your Father Request Him for Rs.3,000/- for Meeting Your Expenses.


To: pknayak@gmail.com
CC :
From : npnayak@yahoomail.com
Date : 20/3/2016
Re: Request to send Rs.3,000/

I need Rs.3,000/- for hostel dues, tuition fees, test papers and pocket expenses.
Please send the money immediately in hostel address.

Q.7. Write an E-Mail Inviting a Friend to Your Marriage Ceremony


To: aksahoo@gmail.com
From : bksatpathy@yahoomail.com
Date : 20/3/2016
Re: Invitation to Marriage Ceremony.

My marriage ceremony is to be held on 30th March in my village Nuapada. The girl belongs to Puri and is a school teacher.
Please come to my house and attend the procession to Puri and delight me.

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