Essay on an Ideal Life for a Student in English for Class 6,7,8,9 and 10

An Ideal Life for a Student

Introduction :

student life is the initial period. The student should lead an ideal life. Therefore he should cultivate the following qualities.

High ambition :

high hope leads to high position in life. Therefore, a student must keep his hope high.

Thirst for knowledge

the student should have a thirst for knowledge. He should read lots of good books, magazines and newspapers.

Study :

a student should develop the habit of study. He must be a keen reader. He should not read blindly. He should read carefully.

Keep good health :

students should keep themselves healthy. For this, he should form clean habits. He should exercise regularly. He should breathe in the open air. He should get free light. He should take proper food. He should have self-control. He should get enough rest. He should sleep well.

Good habits:

a student should know etiquette. He should know how to behave properly. He should be obedient to his elders. He must love his little ones.

Discipline :

a student should have a high sense of discipline. He should be regular and punctual in all his work.

Other properties:

patriotism, social service, frugality and devotion to god are some other conditions of an ideal life for the students.


student life is the initial period of man. If he neglects it, his long future will be ruined. Therefore, to lead an ideal student life a student must develop those qualities which are mentioned above.

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