200+ Words Short Essay on Child Labour in India in English

Child Labour in India

100,200,150 Words “Child Labour in India” Short Essay in English for High School ( Class 5,6,7,8,9 and 10) and College Students

Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens. The future of country largely depends on the children of today. If they grow healthily, happily, in a blessed surrounding, they will yield beautiful innovative things in future and highlight our nation in the globe.

But unfortunately, we have enslaved our children, made them child labour, forced them to work in hotels, shops, and spoiled their dream, their future.

A report says 11 million children of India are now working as child labour The parents of India are poor, uneducated. They do not send their children to schools, colleges, due to lack of consciousness and fear of loss of monetary income.

Instead they send them to work in factories, hotels, mines, shops. They even do road work, construction work. They work as servants in rich people’s houses, in garages. At this age they should sit in class and learn so that in future they could have been doctors, engineers, professors.

The illiterate parents, the step-mothers, greed for money, the drunkard parents force their children to work here and there, to earn money and to support them. They do not think that these children are exploited, tortured by the employers.

They turn revengeful, wicked, anti-social beings lack of proper education, nutrition, care, love make them beasts. Article 24 of the constitution of India says- no child below the age of 14 shall be employed to work in factory or mines or any hazardous places.

The Supreme Court and the parliament have passed sound legislation to stop child labour.

But lack of awareness of the parents, the society and profit motive have encouraged the system which ought to be stopped.

“Stop child labour. Send children to school.”

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