350+ Words Short Essay on Cinema in English for Class 6,7,8,9 and 10



Science has given many gifts to the world. Cinema is one of them. Cinema is an evolution over many ages. This is the creation of many scientists. At first, cinema could only show speechless figures.

Then, it improved and showed the statistics in action. Later, speech and music were fitted into the cinema. Now cinema can show full picture with sound and noise along with voice and music. We can see the tiger and hear its roar. we can see and hear the stream

In the melody, we can see the girl singing and the madman grumbling. We can see drama and drama in cinema. Cinema has become very common nowadays. There are too many cinema halls in the same city.


Cinema has many benefits for us. It is a very good means of entertainment. We listen to valuable songs and music in the cinema. We see interesting dramas and dramas in the cinema. Cinema is not only interesting but sometimes educative as well.

Trailer and documentary photos give us a lot of knowledge. We see pictures of distant cities, oceans, mountains, deserts, and important pictures in cinema.


Cinema is harmful in many ways. The damage is not to the machine and equipment but to the choice of pictures. Sometimes very bad love pictures and pictures of fictional crimes are shown in the cinema.

They have a very bad effect on our people. Some people get addicted to cinema. They forget their other duties. Some people steal money to watch movies. Some do not spend money on their dependents, because they spend money to see pictures.

In such a situation, their wives and children are starving. Their sick parents do not get medicine. Cinema also spoils the eyesight of the audience.


Cinema should be cleansed of its evil. Only good and instructive photographs should be allowed in the cinema. However, cinema is improving in this regard. Nice pictures to come. Cinema has now made its own world.

It has producers, cinema actors, cinema screenwriters, habitual visitors, and fans. Cinema actors earn lakhs of rupees in this business. Some cinema stars are very famous, the censor department of the government of India is showing a noble path on the cinema-industry.

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