200+ Words Essay on Explosion Explosion in English for Students

100,200,150 Words “Explosion Explosion” Short Essay in English for High School ( Class 5,6,7,8,9 and 10) and College Students

Explosion Explosion

The population of the world is increasing at an explosive rate. The siene is precarious in developing countries like India. The 2011 census had revealed that next to China, India is the second largest populated country.

At present, India has more than 126 crores of people. The position in the metros is more frightening. Population explosion is mainly due to lack of consciousness of illiterate and superstitious people. Expecting a male child they go on bearing a dozen of daughters.

Even in some families, people think it a sin to adopt family planning, because they think, a child is the Gift of God. Closing the chapter means violating God’s divine rule.

Science and technology have developed. Infant mortality has decreased. Improved medicine, health care have increased longevity. Medical science has fought against barrenhood. No mother is dying today due to pregnancy-related abnormality.

Due to population explosion, heavy burden is found on land, employment, because they want housing, service. They are converting the arable land into habitable land.

They are destroying the jungles to cultivate, to set up factories, cities. So this causes deforestation, global warming, irregular rainfall. The parents fail to provide proper nutrition, education, medicine to a big family.

They become a problem for the family, for the government as the unemployed yougth get indulged in anti-social activities. We should enforce family planning compulsorily like China we should make stringent rules for one child.

The parents should be made conscious to make small and happy families.

“Do family planning live happily.”

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