500 Words Essay on Merry Christmas in English for Class 6,7,8,9 and 10

Merry Christmas


Christmas is the most important festival of Christians. It is celebrated every year on 25 December. It is the birthday of Jesus Christ.

The God of Christians is Jesus Christ. Some say that Christ is the beloved Son of Almighty God. The fact is that Jesus Christ is the father of Christianity. Therefore, the birthday of Jesus Christ is very auspicious for Christians.


There is a legend regarding the birth of Jesus Christ. Divine signs had appeared before his birth. An unusually bright star appeared in the sky on the night of 25 December. The Virgin Mary was showered with divine light.

That night she gave birth to a son with a divine aura in the sheephouse. When Jesus Christ was born a divine message was heard that He would be the Messiah of mankind.

Preaching of Love

When Christ grew up, he preached his message of love and universal brotherhood among people. People listened to him with interest and many became his followers. He accepted some as his disciples. A lot of supernatural acts were attributed to him.


The priests of that time were very selfish. He exploited the poor people. When Christ preached the religion of love and holiness, the priests opposed him. He also informed the king against him. The king was intolerant of the popularity of Christ. He captured Christ and brutally tortured him and crucified him. According to divine decree, the resurrection took place on Easter. Easter is also a day of celebration for Christians.

Christmas Eve

Christmas is a special day for Christians all over the world. A day before Christmas, all Christians prepare for the festival. They decorate their homes with colorful flowers and festivals.

The Christmas tree is lit up with colorful lights and decorated with toys and fruits. There is an atmosphere of joy and happiness.

This night is very important for children. They are waiting for Santa Claus to arrive in a red overcoat and a flowing snowy beard. According to legend, Santa Claus arrives from the North Pole on his sleigh, carried by reindeer carrying presents in his sack.

When they are sleeping, he visits the children and leaves their favorite presents on their beds. When they wake up on Christmas morning, their hearts swell with joy to find their long cherished objects.


On Christmas Eve, people in groups go door to door singing carols. Prayers are held at midnight in churches to welcome 25 December. Christians wear new clothes on Christmas Day.

They invite their friends and relatives and feed them plenty. They prepare cakes and sweets and distribute them among poor people as well as their relatives and friends.

They always go to churches and offer congregational prayers in honor of Jesus Christ.


There are Christians in almost all countries of the world. That’s why Christmas is celebrated in almost every country nowadays.

There are many Christians in India. They celebrate Christmas with much pomp and gaiety. Since India is a secular state, Christmas is a holiday for all. Christians are allowed to celebrate this festival without any hindrance. This is the great soul of India.

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