150+ Words Essay on Mother Teresa in English for Class 5,6,7,8,9 and 10

Mother Teresa

introduction :
Mother Teresa was born in Yugoslovia on August 26 in 1910. She was given the name ‘Agnes by her parents. She came to India when she was only 18.

In India, she began to work as a teacher of Geography in Loreto St. Mary’s School at Entally in Kolkata. But her work was not limited to teaching alone.

She visited the slum areas in the city and helped the helpless people and neglected children there. She had a motherly attitude for the sick, the destitutes, the orphans, the suffering class. Her love for them was high. The slum dwellers had no clothing, food and shelter. Mother Teresa decided to dedicate herself fully to the service of the poor and downtrodden.

Early Life:
Mother Teresa, with only 10 followers started the organization Missionaries of Charity. She built up an asylum named Nirmal Hriday at Kalighat. She provided a home to diseased, homeless, and orphans at Nirmal Hriday. Now the Missionaries of Charity is running a number of orphanages and asylums in many third world countries.

Mother Teresa was a symbol of peace. She has been justly honoured with Nobel prize for her service to poor and destitutes. She was a person who liked to do her work without expectation of any public acclamation.

Mother Teresa passed away on September 6, 1997. “Mother Teresa – the mother of millions. Follow her footprints.”

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