250+ Words Essay on My Pet Dog in English for Class 6,7,8,9, and 10

Essay on My Pet Dog


Dogs are domestic animals. Many people keep them. I also have a dog. This is my pet dog. I call it Tom.


Tom looks handsome. It is of brown colour. It is two feet high and three feet long. It has a curved tail. It has four claws, all of them are white. Tom is in good health. It is never sad, it is joyful and joyful. Tom is a dog of virtues. It’s very faithful to me.

It rarely sleeps at night. It keeps an eye on my house. He barks whenever he sees a stranger. It scares the cows. It scares off jackals and stray dogs.

Tom likes me a lot. It follows me wherever I go. It knows me well, it hears my voice. Tom runs up to me whenever I call him. It becomes playful and wags its tail. Tom knows my mind too. When I am sad, he cries loudly.

How do I take care of it?

I love my dog. That’s why I take care of it. I keep it clean. I wash its body with soap and warm water. I keep it in a neat place. I feed it well. I give it healthy food.

I give it rice and milk. In summer, I keep it cool. In winter, I keep it warm. Whenever I get time, I play with it.


Dogs are very loyal. They like their master. But my dog ​​is more loyal than any other dog. I like this a lot more than others. Tom is the best.

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