500+ Words Essay on My School in English for Class 6,7,8,9 and 10

My School

introduction :

I am a student of Sharda Academy. This is a famous high school. It is named after Goddess Sharda.

Situation :

This high school is located at Kanakapur in the Cuttack district. It stands behind the temple of Sharda. The main road runs in front of the school.

School Building :

The school sits in a brick building. It is divided into several rooms; Like the headmaster’s office room, clerk’s office room, teachers’ common room, boys’ common room, girls’ common room, and classroom. There is a school garden around the school. The school hostel is a short distance away.

School staff:

The staff of the school consists of twenty members. The headmaster’s name is Shri A.C. Mohanty. He is strong in English. Apart from these, there are sixteen teachers, one clerk, and two peons.


The strength of the school is five hundred and sixty. Fifty of them are girls. They study in different classes. The lower five sections have two sections each: Class IX and Class X with no sections. The students of our school are very calm and calm. They do very well in examinations.

Working Days and Holidays:

The school opens at 10-30 in the morning. It closes at 4 pm. The duration is seven in total. The school peon rings the bell. Schoolwork begins with a group prayer. Schools sit in the morning during the summer season.

Every year two exams are conducted. One semiannual and the other annual. Promotion is given on the basis of annual examination.

Students also participate in school NCC, sports and games. They play in the school playground. Sunday is a holiday at the end of the week. Saturday is half off. There are holidays for Car Festival, Independence Day, Dussehra, Christmas, and Dola Festival. Summer vacation lasts more than a month.

Follow up and function:

We celebrate Ganesh Puja and Saraswati Puja in our school. We celebrate Independence Day. Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, and Republic Day. We celebrate the prize distribution ceremony. Sometimes we stage plays. But we never neglect our study.


My school is a good training ground for me. I love and respect my school.

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