150+ Words Short Essay on Park in English for Class 6,7,8,9 and 10



Public parks are found in cities and towns. A public park is a type of pleasure-garden where the townspeople sit and enjoy.


Cities and towns lack the green beauty of the countryside. They are full of noise and dust and smoke. Urban people feel suffocated in this heavy environment.

They want to taste the cup of rural scenery that is not available in cities and towns. A public park is an attempt to provide these busy people a taste of green beauty in their leisure time.

Here they get a wealth of oxygen which is rare in other parts of the city.

General Details

A public park is created and maintained on a planned basis. It has gates for entry and exit with iron bars around it.

It is full of beautiful plants and vines that are full of beautiful seasonal flowers. A lot of beautiful green grass covers the ground floor. Little flowers of unknown variety peeping through the green waves of the grass.

Flowering plants bear flowers of unusual beauty. Some trees are famous for their evergreen foliage. A variety of beautiful exotic herbs are planted in the park.

The public park provides comfortable seating arrangements for the visitors. Therefore, we find fixed chairs and stationary benches at suitable places in the park.

The park provides electric lighting and radio broadcasts. The park offers artificial springs of water. In a very large park we find some swimming pools and facilities for boating and racing. One corner of it is allowed in a large public park. only children.

This part of the park is known as the ‘Children’s Corner’. Here we find some features for light play for young children.


It is true that public parks are essential to the health and happiness of city dwellers. But it is a pity that most Indian cities go without a single park.

Cities in India may have few parks. But such parks are not well equipped. They are not up to standard. They are not enough for the large population of a city.

Therefore, it is suggested that our parks should be multiplied in number. They should be upgraded and their level should be raised.

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