350+ Words Short Essay on Problem of Unemployment in India

Problem of Unemployment

Short Simple easy Essay/paragraph on “Problem of Unemployment in India” in English for High School ( Class 6,7,8,9, and 10 ) and College Students with 200250 350 and 500+ Words

Introduction :

Unemployment problem is one of the most disturbing socio-economic problems of our country. Only a lucky few are favoured with employment. B.A.,M.A. degree holders, engineers are cleaning shoes, have opened betel shops. It seems as if job opportunity has been barrened. The problem of unemployment goes very hard for middle class people. Middle class people have no other means for survival except employment

Reason of Unemployment :

Since the days of the British rule the structure of education has not been reshaped with an eye to the need of the country. It still goes on producing millions of job seekers. It is a reality that no country can afford suitable employment to all its citizens who seek jobs. Our political leaders and economists should devise workable plans for utilising the huge manpower of our country in different works of development

How to Solve the Problem :

To cope with the problem of unemployment successfully we have to bring radical change in our system of education. Education must aim to instill a sense of dignity in our students. Education must enable their to utilise their abilities in creating employment rather than in seeking employment. Our schools and colleges must aim at bringing out self-reliant, creative young boys and girls.


The process of regeneration should start working in the villages. The million of villagers should be given the new education of growth in the shape of farming, horticulture , poultry , fish-farming, flower-farming etc. Banks should come out to help the dynamic and prosperous young persons in their prospective projects. Such steps will enable our youth to constructively participate in the development programmes.

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