500+ Words Extracurricular Activities Essay in School and College

Extracurricular Activities

Introduction :

A curriculum is followed in every school. Curriculum means the routine of courses which is meant for public examination. Such courses generally include, languages, Grammar, Mathematics, General Science, Social Study and the like. Students are to appear in these subjects at their public examination. So, they pay their time and energy to these subjects. 

But the extra curricular activities are those which are not meant for the public examination but which are included in the school routine for the all-round development of the students. 

These activities include Games and Sports, A.C.C. and N.C.C., Social Service like putting out house fire, saving a drowning man, carrying the sick to the hospital, scouting and so on. These extra-curricular activities are neglected by the students. But they are really useful for them.

Games and Sports :

Games and sports are necessary for physical exercise. Exercise is necessary for the health of body and mind Students should play foot-ball, volley-ball, cricket, tennis, badminton and hockey Here they will learn decorum, sportsman’s spirit and tolerance. A.C.C. and N.C.C.D A.C.C. means Auxiliary Cadet Corps, 

N.C.C. means National Cadet Corps. N.C.C. is meant for the college students. But A.C.C. is organised in the schools. In the ACC the participants learn the valuable military discipline, rudiments of fighting and self-sacrifice. 

Social Service :

The students should always be ready to held their neighbours. They should know how to put out a house fire. They should know how to save a drowning man. They should know the First Aid and should have a First Aid Box always ready with them. They should know how to carry the sick to the hospital. They should know their process and techniques. 

They should know boy-scouting. They should be true to the promise of a boy-scout. They should do ambulance work. By doing the Social Service the students will develop as the true citizens of the country. 

Conclusion :

The extra-curricular activities are the good outdoor activities. Students should not neglect them. They should work out them with full sincerity. Such activities will make their souls divine.

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