Essay on the Happiest Day in My School Life for Class 6,7,8,9 and 10

The Happiest Day in My School Life


I was a student of Saraswati shishumandhir , Sukinda .since six years ago. I haven’t spent all these days with the same feelings. Here I spent days of happiness and days of sorrow, days of hope and days of despair.

Some days I was happy and some days I was sad. But the happiest day of my school life was 18th February 1995, which was the award day of the year.

Why I call it the happiest day of my school life, On this day prize distribution function was organized in the presence of a large number of people.

All the local gentlemen were invited and they came with their ladies. The Speaker of our State Legislative Assembly presided over the function. Chief Minister was present as our chief guest. Before such a grand meeting, I got the prize of standing first in the class examination.

I got awards for good essay writing, good handwriting, good conduct, and good social service. I got an award for good lessons in English.

The prize items were so heavy and so heavy that I could not carry them myself. The Chief Minister who was the chief guest praised me a lot.

In earlier years, I used to get awards at award-giving ceremonies.

But those celebrations were not so grand and prestigious as the ceremony of the year. I’m talking about So, this day was the happiest day of my school life.


Days are coming and passing. The day I am talking about will remain in my memory as the happiest day of my school life.

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