5-Minute Health Day Speech in English for School Students

Honourable / Esteemed President/Principal/Headmaster, respected Chief Guest/Chief Speaker /Teachers and my friends. It is a matter of great happiness that we have assembled here today for a very good purpose.

Today is 7th April, the world Health Day. That’s why this meeting has been organised. In fact I am very much delighted that in such an auspicious occasion, I have been given a chance to speak something regarding the importance of World Health Day.

In the beginning of the sacred World Health Day, I hope a very good health for all the people of the world. Actually, it is rightly said that Health is wealth.

All the wealth and properties become value-less without health. It is because, if our body is. healthy, then and their only our mind will be fresh, so that we can realise and enjoy our wealth and properties in a greater and better way.

Without a good health, our mind must be always in a sorrowful mood, no happiness can touch it. Hence, Keeping all these in mind, our first and foremost duty is to give importance to the security of our good health.

It is because, anybody he may be rich or poor, can not get peace without having a sound health: It is rightly said that an unhealthy body can not practise. religion in a better way.

Actually, to recall this naked truth, every year on 7th April World Health Day is observed with much zeal and interest in every hook and comer of the world.

So that the people of the world will be very much careful about their health. Of course, we should keep much attention towards our health from the very beginning of our childhood.

We have to observe some principles which can keep both our body and mind healthy. In order to achieve this, we should take balance diet. We should take nutritious foods in proper time. We should do regular exercises.

We should practise Yoga regularly. We should take proper rest on required time. Again, we should obey the rules of cleanliness in proper manner. On the other hand, we all should try to remain always in happiness.

Of course, for this, we should do meditation. In fact, good health is required in order to fulfil all the hopes and aspirations of each and every human being.

It is because,,a diseased and weak body and mind can never be capable to do’ his work adequately although he pos sesses capacity and strong knowledge. Actually, health re fers to the proper balance of both physical health and mental health.

In reality, health is called wealth in the sense that the performances of all types of activities entirely depend up-on health. Therefore, in order to achieve Wigwam and prospadly.

we have to take proper care of our health. If there is health, everything is there. But if fete is no health, nothing is there. Hence, In this holy d y we should be determined to take care of our health. With this, I remain..’

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