350+ Words Essay on “Honesty Is the Best Policy” for Class 6,7,8,9 and 10

Honesty Is the Best Policy


Honesty is one of the good qualities. An honest behavior means behavior that is free from deceit. Honesty is based on truth. It is free from all evil motives.


It is said, “Honesty is the best policy”. Because if we are honest then people will believe in us. They will value our words and behaviour. An honest shopkeeper will get more customers than a dishonest shopkeeper.

The unscrupulous shopkeeper can cheat some people for some time and earn profit. That’s why an honest man rises while a dishonest man falls. Everyone respects an honest person.

They have a good place in the society. Honest people progress in all walks of life. That’s why it is said that honesty is the best policy.


There are limits to honesty. We can deal with honest people only with honesty. But we will be upset if we deal honestly with dishonest people. So, there is a saying, “tit for tat”. Dishonesty must be faced with dishonesty.

Dealing honestly with dishonest people can be too idealistic. But it is not doable. This is quite impractical. But in modern society, one should be honest as far as possible. Since

Modern Indian society is a society of black marketing, hoarding, profiteering, adulteration, deceit, deceit, and fraud. mud-slinging and leg-pulling is the order today.


Honesty is a virtue. If everyone becomes honest then our society will be an ideal society. The student should try to be honest in his daily life. Because students are the future of the country.

Therefore, they are expected to build an honest society for themselves and leave the tradition of honesty for their future generations.

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