5-Minute Mother Honesty Speech in English for School Students

Honourable/Esteemed President/Principal/Headmaster, respected Chief Guest/Chief Speaker /Teachers and my friends. Today I am standing in front of you to express my views on honesty is the best policy.

People nowadays are less honest with each other than our forefather, which make living in this modern life is not easy at all. The fact that people are not honest causes problems, some of which could hurt others badly.

In my opinion lying is not a good job to do. Thus I agree the statement honesty is the best policy. If we do not lie, we will take advantages from it.

Everyone will trust us. We will have good friends, a great job and of course a good life to live. An example for this is my oldest sister who graduated from college. She never lies and she is the one that you can believe.

Employers always want to have honest people to work for them. My sister has got a great job and she work hard too. Being honest in her job, she has got quick promotion to higher positions. She has many friends who are ready to be with her and help her in need.

My sister’s life is good in my opinion. If we are not honest, others do not respect us. If we lie to someone for the first time, he or she may doubt at us next time. Not getting the belief, we easily fail to succeed in doing many things.

Therefore, lying does not give us benefits. In the case that we are a good liar, we will. However, finally the truth may be found out. The next fact is that no one will trust us. Then come serious problems. For example,

when I ask make questions to my friend and get information which is not true. When I come to know the fact, I will not believe in her sayings for the next time. Unbelievable, she is of course a good friend at all.

The friendship between her and me may become worse. I no longer respect the friend. Dishonesty can put those who lie in difficult situations.

When the truth does come out things get bad and problems start to happen. For example, being dishonest in workplace causes coworkers to be not fond of working with us. The liar gets trouble in fulfilling his or her job with the coworkers.

The fact that a person does not perform well enough in job can make him or her get fired. Being honest give us comfortable feelings to our life. Liars often worry that the truth can be uncovered.

They must remember things which are true and also other ones which are not. They must act so that others can not uncover the fact. In some situations, liars say the truth to these people but tell lies to the others.

Therefore, they must bear in mine whom that she told the truth about the problem and whom she did not. Living such a life is a hard job to do. As can be seen, honesty is a good way to live.

Knowing this, we will be a good people in others’ eyes. If we are honest, we are living in a realistic world of our own. Otherwise, we are living in our own play where we do not live our own life but act it.

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