How to Write a Letter to Sister ? | Examples and Format of Letter Writing

Write a Letter to Sister in English for High School ( Class 5,6,7,8,9 and 10 ) and College Students | Format for Birthday Marriage and Take Care of Health

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Write a Letter to Your Younger Sister to Take Care of Her Health.

Manapur Tertang
Badagaon Ganjam
20 Feb, 2016

Dear Sweety,
Sweet affection to you. Convey my pranam to the elders. My sweet affection to the youngers.

I received mother’s letter yesterday. She had written that you are sick most of the time. You are not taking food in time. You are not following doctor’s advice, not taking medicine in time. But what is its profit? You are suffering. You are getting pain, and you are giving tension to all the family members.

Sweety, health is wealth. Body and mind are closely related. If body is diseased, the mind shall be diseased automatically. And a diseased mind can’t function perfectly. A sick student can’t labour, can’t get success. His life will be a great failure.

You are my only sister. I love you very much. The parents, grandparents love you very much too. We want to see you healthy fit, smiling, active, sportive. But you are sick most of the time. Your face looks pale and you groan with pain always. How can we tolerate it?

We are living in the age of science. Medical science has invented many novel ways to keep. People healthy. Why don’t you follow the advice of the doctor? Why don’t you take food in time? Early to bed and earthly to rise, makes man strong, fit, and wise. Have you forgotten it?

Sweety, take Vitamin-contained food. Drink milk. Eat apples, oranges, grapes. Take exercise regularly. Eat meat, fish, egg, Do not watch TV always.Ensure sound sleep. Your life will be successful.

I have nothing more to write. Wish you happy, prosperous and peaceful moments. Wishing your good health, and writing for your letter I am taking leave now.

Yours elderly Sekhar

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