10 Points on International Men’s Day in English for Class 1,2,3,4 and 5

International Men’s Day

A Few Short, Simple Lines on International Men’s Day for Kids

  1. International men’s day is celebrated on 19 november.
  2. It celebrates the positive value brought to the world by men around the world.
  3. It is a day to recognize and celebrate the cultural, political, and socio-economic achievements of men.
  4. The day is to highlight positive role models and raise awareness about the well-being of men.
  5. One of the six pillars of day is to improve gender relations and promote gender equality.
  6. The day is inaugurated by thomas oster in 1992 on 7 february.
  7. International men’s day was founded in 1999 by dr. Jerome teelucksingh.
  8. He was a history lecturer at the university of the west indie.
  9. The maltese amr committee voted in 2009 to move the date of the imd to 19 november.
  10. International men’s day is not officially recognized by the united nations.

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