350+ Words Life in an Indian Village Essay in English for Class 6,7,8,9 and10

Indian Village


India is an agricultural country. So this is a country of villages. An Indian village is a collection of mud houses with cornfields spread approx. The villagers are poor. They do not have money for pucca buildings.

Therefore, they live in mud houses with thatch roofs. An Indian village is usually marked with a temple and a school. But the roads are dark and dirty. An Indian village is decorated with lots of trees and vines.

Here we find mango orchards and bamboo clumps. The tall trees of palm, date and coconut make the village beautiful. We also find groves of jackfruit and pineapple.


Close to it is an Indian village, surrounded by cornfields. Then the farmers of the village work here throughout the year and grow their crops. They grow food grains, oilseeds, fruits, vegetables, jute, and cotton. Every house is attached to a kitchen garden where they grow greens and gourds.


Village industries in India are generally handicrafts. An Indian villager full of weavers, potters; Goldsmiths, blacksmiths, carpenters, braziers, and basket makers.

Water supply

A village in India is facing water scarcity. The village ponds are shallow. Therefore, they dry up before the arrival of summer. In other seasons foolish villagers pollute the water.


The people of an Indian village are healthy and hearty. They work hard in the sun and in the shower. Still poor. Their children walk around barefoot and play in the dust. Their animals are, generally, cattle and goats. The villagers entertain in a simple way. They

Observe village festivals and enjoy open pendant plays. But they suffer from epidemics like cholera and smallpox at times because they are ignorant and illiterate.


After all, life in an Indian village is undoubtedly dear to us, for the beautiful natural scenery around and the plain character of life.

It is divine for its purity and simplicity. Still, an Indian village needs to be raised in the light of modern civilization by science and technology.

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