Utkal Gaurav Madhusudan Das Biography, Age, Height, Wife, Family, & More

Utkal Gaurav Madhusudan Das

Madhusudan Das, popularly called as Madhubabu is an early memorable name for all the Odias because of his grand contribution to make Odisha an independent” state and

to help the Odias walk lifting their heads proudly He fought against Odia oppression and gave the Odia’s a special recognition. Madhubabu was born on 28th April in 1848 at Satyabhamapur in Cuttack district.

His father was Das and his mother was Parbati Devi. His childhood name was Govinda Ballav. He studied in Ravenshaw Collegiate school and in 1864, he passed entrance successfully.

Raghunath Madhubabu had no money to go to Calcutta to take higher education. He took Christianity, changed his name, was called as Madhusudan, and with the donations from the Christians, he went to Calcutta and studied there.

He passed M.A. and then B.L. and became the first lawyer from Odisha. In 1880, Madhubabu returned to Odisha and started his career as a lawyer in Cuttack.

Within a few days, he was popular was Madhu Barrister. He fought against the Zamindars, Sahukars who exploited the poor.

When the British Government tried to take possession of Lord Jagannath temple, Madhubabu fought against it in the court and banned the law. In 1912, Madhubabu was elected to the legislative council of Bihar-Odisha. He was elected as a member of Imperial legislative council in Delhi.

In 1921, he became a minister in Bihar – Odisha ministry. He set up the Utkal Sammilani in 1903. He advised people to wear Khadi. Because of his endeavour, Odisha became a separate state on 1st April 1936.

Madhubabu was not receiving any salary from the government. He had set up ‘Utkal Tannery’ which closed down because of his extreme honesty. He never retreated from his genuine rational outlook. He wrote beautiful poems and spired nationalism, patriotism in the heart of the Odias.

We must bow head to him. “Madhubabu Vakilbabu; The odia’s salute you.

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