5-Minute Mother Teresa Speech in English for School Students

Honorable/Esteemed President/Principal/Headmaster, respected Chief Guest/Chief Speaker /Teachers and my friends. Today. I am standing in front of you to say a few words on Mother Teresa.

Mother Teresa was more an indian than a citizen of the country of her actual birth. She was a great social worker of India. She was born on 26 August 1910 in Yugoslavia.

Her childhood name was Agnes Bojnxhiu. After completing her schooling, she became a nun and came to india. She started teaching in the beginning and then devoted herself in the service of the poor.

In 1950, the missionaries of charity was established in Kolkata, lates homes like Nirmal Shishu Bhawan, Nirmal Hriday and many other were also started to take care of the poor.

She had acquired all this with the help of love, truth and prayers. She died at the age of 87 on 5th September 1997 in Kolkata.

Her death was bemoaned by all, irrespective of their status or nationality. May God bless her. On these notes, because of shortage of time I am submitting my speech on Mother Teresa, the soul of our society.

Her work towards needy can guide the whole world as well as our country.

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