My Aim in Life Paragraph in English for Class 6,7,8,9 and 10

My Aim in Life

Introduction :

Man is born in this world to perform some noble deeds. He should have a noble aim in his life. He should settle this aim when he is a student of Class VIII. Then he should sincerely try after it. This will lead him to success and he will be able to fulfill his aim.

The aim of my life:

The aim of my life is to save people from their physical ailments. Hence, I wish to be a doctor.

My merits for my aim in life :

A man should consider his merits and demerits before he settles the aim of his life. I have considered both of the sides. The following points run in favour of my purpose.

I have been doing quite well in Science and Mathematics.I like to nurse the sick person. My father has enough money to put me in a medical college Hence, it will not be difficult for me to strive after my noble aim.

My work after I become a Doctor :

After I become a doctor I shall open a clinic in my village. I shall visit the patients. I shall charge very small fee for my visit. Because I do not like to be rich. I want only to maintain my family. I shall charge them possible low price for the medicines. I shall work hard day and night.

I shall take pride in saving lives from death and disease. I shall earn name and fame as a good doctor. To this ideal, I shall convert a host of trainees apprenticed to me to learn my trade.

Conclusion :

The aim of my life is certainly noble. With it, I may not be rich. But I shall get the blessings of God. This will enrich my heart with celestial bliss and enwrap my soul with eternal peace.

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