My First Day at School Paragraph in English for Class 6,7,8,9 and 10

My First Day at School

Introduction :

My first day at school was a turning point in my life. Because, till then, I had never been to any school as my mother loves me very much and so she never likes to part

with me for a moment even. My father is a very rich man Respecting my mother’s feeling for me, he arranged for my study at home in all possible ways. He provided me with competent tuition-masters to teach me different subjects, course-books, pen and paper, a small library at home, a small laboratory and all other requirements necessary for me. 

I completed middle-school standard of study at my home. My father is a very considerate man. He considered that I should have proper schooling, so he convinced my mother in a very sympathetic manner and proposed to put me in class VIII in Peary Mohan Academy, Cuttack. 

He applied to the Headmaster for my admission. On the day of test for admission I went there with my father and sat for the test and came out successful. 

In the class-room :

On the appointed day for my admission: I went with my father and was admitted to class VIII. My name was put in the class-register. The school-peon led me to the class-room of Vill (A) and I took my seat there-in. Only fifteen boys had their admission till then and so the class was very thin. 

Admission of many other boys was going on in the school-office. In the first period, our class-teacher came to our class-room with a register in his hand. Beforehand we saw our roll-numbers on the school notice-board. 

He made the roll-call. My roll-number was 15. When he called out my roll-number, I immediately stood up, and very politely said yes sir’ in a very clear and distinct voice. Our class-teacher was our English teacher. 

He found the class very thin. So he didn’t teach anything on that day. Instead, he told us a nice story in simple English. 

In the second period, our Mathematics teacher came into our class-room. He asked our names and the names of school from which we had come. The students, one by one, gave their answers. When my turn came, I said my name and that I had never been to any school beforehand.

In the third period, our Science teacher came to our class-room. He called out the routine and the book-list for us. In the fourth period, a lady teacher came to our class-room. She was our M.I.L, (Oriya) teacher. She asked us to spell some Oriya words. After the fourth period, our class was suspended for that day. 

Conclusion :

 My first day at school was full of mirth and full of thrill and joy for me. This day will remain ever memorable in my life.

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