My Hobby (Writing and Reading) Paragraph/Essay in English for Class 6,7,8,9 and 10

My Hobby (Writing and Reading)


When the common man works, which he has to do to earn his livelihood, he is forced to work according to the wishes of his employer. Therefore, whenever he gets free time, he does some work from his heart, such work is called hobby. Hobbies vary from person to person. Some read light novels. Play on some music. Some make art and drawings.

Some write poems or write daily diaries. Some make clay things. Some go for hunting or on a pleasure trip. But my hobby is to make friends with a pen. During my spare time I write letters to my pen-friends and read their answers carefully, I write answers to their letters.

How Do I Pursue My Hobby :

I receive many letters every day from my friends abroad living in different countries. I read them carefully and mark on them the time and date of their receipt. I carefully sort the letters and put them in various files that I have with me. I receive so many letters from different countries that I have to organize them into separate files. I write so many answers every day that I have to keep a dispatch book. There 1 letter mentions number, date and time and address. This is more or less a small office that I keep for it.

Usefulness :

This is a very expensive hobby but it is very helpful and educative. Through this correspondence I know a lot about other countries of the world. I know their systems, their customs, their uses, their way of living and their mood and nature.

My pen-friends are helpful like information bureaus and whenever I want to know something about their countries, I write to them and get answers. My hobby has got another benefit. It helps me stamp, which is another kind of hobby collecting. I collect stamps through my pen-friends.


My hobby of having pen-friends has improved my English knowledge. Because I write them in English. I read his answers in English. It’s a great hobby, no doubt about it. I like it a lot. I forget my sorrow when I engage myself in the work of this letter.

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