500+ Words My Home Essay in English for Class 6,7,8,9 and 10

My Home

Introduction :

Most of the people live in their homes. So, also I live in my home. My home is in the village Sundargram. It is situated at a furlong from the Local High School. 

Nature of the building :

My home is made of mud and wattle. The roofs are thatched with bamboo and straw. The whole structure is supported by the wooden pillars. The walls are daubed with dung and water. The floors too are painted with fung and clay. There are many rooms in my home. There are sleeping-room, the study-room, the drawing-room, the store room and the kitchen-room, Outside these rooms there are a cowshed and a shed for the thrashing horse. There is a spacious courtyard in my home. 

The inmates of my home 

There are seven members in our family. They are my father, mother, grand-father, grand-mother, sister, myself and my younger brother. My father is a farmer My mother cooks food for us. She looks after the household. My sister helps my mother in her work. I read in the Class IX of the Sundargram High School My younger brother reads in the Class VII, His name isSri Nabakishore Nayak. The name of my father is Sri Padmanav Nayak. The name of my sister is Kumari Kanakalata Nayak, Our family is a happy family.

Conclusion :

A poet has said, “Home sweet home, There is no place like home”. This saying is quite true. Because I think that my home is the sweetest and the dearest place in the world.

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