350+ Words My School Holiday Essay for Class 6,7,8,9 and 10

My School Holiday

introduction :

School holidays are many. We should not waste them, we should make the best use of them. Because we know the immense value of time.

School holidays :

In schools, Sundays are weekend holidays, Saturdays are half-holidays.

Puja holidays are held in the month of October and are held for fifteen days. Christmas holidays are held in the month of December. They are held for more than a week.

Dola holidays are held in March. They are held for a fortnight. Most of the holidays are in the summer holidays. It’s about a month and a half.

Apart from this, Car-Festival, Diwali, Independence Day, Children’s Day, Teacher’s Day, U.N.O. day, republic day, and so on.

Spare time :

Holidays are not used for their own purposes. Puja holidays last for fifteen days.

But within three days the program of worship ends. In such a situation, about ten to twelve days are left in the hands of the students. This principle applies in the case of long holidays.

So we get huge amount of free time which should be put to best use.

How to make good use of holidays:

We need to be aware of how to make the best use of our vacations. Students should Help their parents in their daily work.

You should fill your gap in your school subjects. They should do some advanced study. They should organize village welfare campaigns etc. in their respective villages. In addition, students should think about what else they can do to make the best use of their school holidays.


The holidays don’t have to be all work and rest. Maximum comfort and impeccable pastime are certainly allowed. But the student should not be lazy and free from routine work.

They can really do wonders if they put their holidays to the best possible use.

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