2-3 minutes peace and war speech for school students

Honourable/Esteemed/President/Principal/Headmaster, respected chief guest/chief speaker/teachers and my friends. I am standing in front of you to talk about,hange in time.

Peace and war are complementary of each other. Never let your enemy catch you unaware. You are bound to lose. If you are prepared to defend yourself, if you are well armed to protect yourself, then the enemy will hesitate to attack you for fear of his own life.

This is true of individual as well as nations. History bears testimony to the fact that wars usually break out when one nation finds the other unprepared and weak.

China had taken full advantage of Indian leader’s ignorance and credibility in the 1962 war. India caught unaware and unprepared. The military weakness of a nation always invites aggression.

Therefore, if you want to maintain peace, it is absolutely necessary to be well-armed. Nations, the world over have revised the importance of strong armed forces to thwart the enemy designs.

What a price to maintain peace yet that is the only way out considering the prevailing circumstances, when everyone is waiting to catch the other on the wrong foot. Thank you.

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