350+ Words Essay on Recess Time in School for Class 6,7,8,9 and 10

Recess Time in School

introduction :

The name of our school is Vivekananda Vidyapeeth. It is located in Bahugram of Cuttack district, The recess in our school begins after the first four periods.

It starts at 1:30 pm and ends at 2 pm. Hence, it stays for half an hour. The scene of this leisure time is a scene of joy and gaiety. After three hours of imprisonment inside the classrooms, the student erupted with joy.

General Details :

During the recess, the students move here and there. They walk into two and three and chat among themselves. Some students stand in front of the notice board of the school. Some purchase tiffin from a sweets-man seated near the school gate.

Some gather around the wireless receiver and listen to the radio. Little boys divide themselves into several groups and play ringball and kabaddi. Some teachers are found reading newspapers inside the teacher’s common room.

Some are busy writing letters. Some applications seem to be forwarded. Inside the headmaster’s office, the headmaster is seen busy reading the applications of the students. The office-clerk is standing beside him to take some instructions.

Two or three teachers sit in front of the headmaster for any advice or orders. The Guardian can be found talking about his ward. The headmaster’s office is found to be busier than ever. When the bell rings to make the recess over everything comes to normal.

Conclusion :

The scene in a school during the recess hour is no doubt, a happy scene. It is a sight for gods to see.

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