5 Simple Report Writing Example for Students in English Class 10,11,12

How to Write Report Writing in English ?

Report Writing Examples,sample and Questions for Students in English Class 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12

Q.1. You Saw a Road Accident. Write a Report About It for a Newspaper.

Balikuda, 20 March :

A dreadful road accident occured in front of Balikuda High School at 10 am on 20th March 2016. A truck ran over a schoolboy and he died on the spot.
Balikuda Bazar is very congested. Balikuda High School is situated on the road. At 10 am the students cross the road and enter the campus through the gate and invite road accidents.

On 20th March, the road was rush as the children were crossing the road to go to the school. A truck bearing No.OD 05-F-1055 came from Cuttack side at high speed and knocked a school boy named Rakesh Das of Class-IX. He fell on the road bathing in a pool of blood. People gathered. The driver escaped. People set fire to the truck and caused road blockage. The police arrived, assured the angry mob to arrest the driver in two days. Then people cleared the road. Road accidents are frequent in Balikuda Bazar. The police should be careful about it.

Q.2. You Visited a Book Fair. Write a Report on It.


Kendrapada, 20 January:

A book fair was arranged in front of S.P. Office, Kendrapada from 14th January to 20th January. About 200 book publishers participated in the fair. A large number of book-lovers came to the fair and bought books. Books are a great source of entertainment as well as knowledge.

They teach us moral and spiritual things and enlighten our lives. Book fairs are arranged to display a grand variety of books near the readers and to encourage them to read them. The book fair at Kendrapada began on 14th January this year. MBD, IBD, Polestar, Nalanda, Kalyani, Rajhans, Oxford, Penguine, Gita Press and many other popular publishing houses participated in it.

The book fair opened at 2 pm everyday and continued till 9.30 pm. Each evening there was cultural programme. A large number of students, teachers, book-lovers came to the fair, bought books at 20% discount. The readers and the shopkeepers were happy.

The book fair at Kendrapada was successful. Such fairs should be arranged at other places.

Q.3. the Cyclone Destroyed Your Area. Write a Report on It.


S. Pur, 20 Nov :

The recent cyclone caused immense loss to life and property in Erasama block of J. S. Pur district. Hundreds of people have died. Thousands have been homeless.

The cyclone began at midnight when all were asleep. As there was no weather forecast about it, people had no idea about it. The trees were uprooted. The electric poles were bent. The thatched houses flew away. Thousands of domestic animals died. Many people died here and there. Heavy rain and 220 km speed wind caused tremendous havoc. Whoever came out of the house died on the road. In the morning thousands of deadbodies could be seen lying scattered. Each family had lost one or two members. The paddy fields had submerged.

Those who survived were helpless, hopeless. No relief or rescue team. Could reach near them as the roads had been blocked. The situation became precarious. The government should reach near the cyclone victims as soon as possible otherwise the number of casualties will increase.

Q.4. You Visited a Drought-Affected Area. Write a Report on What You Saw There.


Baragarh, 20 February:

The entire western Odisha has been drought affected. Since crop has been damaged, the desperate farmers are probed to commit suicide. Western Odisha largely depends on agriculture. This year due to delayed monsoon, gambling of rainfall, low

rainfall, drought visited western Odisha. The crop was totally damaged. The rivers, ponds, wells dried up. The fields cracked. The cattle, sheep and goats grazed in the field. The farmers who had taken loans from money lenders, finding no other way, resorted to suicide.

From November to January about 200 farmers have committed suicide. In spite of the Chief Minister’s assurance, the number is increasing. The cooperative system has failed. The government mechanism has failed. The opposition criticise the government for being callous to the problems of the farmers. The drought situation in western Odisha is terrible. The government should take quick steps to improve the situation.

Q.5. You Are the Eye-Witness of a Murder Case. Write a Report About It.


She Balikuda, 20 April:

A dreadful murder case occured in the heart of Balikuda Bazar at 2 pm on 20th April. A half-mad person killed a young man. Ravi Sahoo of Balikuda village has turned crazy since long. He moves in the bazar and at times creates scene. On 20th April, he stopped a youngman on the road and demanded him money. As he denied to give money, he quarrelled with him.

The youngman gave him a blow. Ravi Sahoo got angry, brought a big stone and dashed it on the youngman’s head. He died on the spot. People gathered and took him to local hospital. But the doctor declared him dead. Ravi Sahoo is absconded now. The youngman was Rajendra Dash of Ranapur. He was the only son of his parents. This incident has spread darkness in the area.

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