The Saddest Day of My School Life Essay in English for Class 6,7,8,9 and 10

The Saddest Day of My School Life


I am a student of Sundargram High School, Sundargram since six years ago. I have gone through these days not with similar feelings, but. Some days I was happy and some days I was sad.

But the saddest day of my school life was 6th September 1990, the day of Ganesh Puja of the year. Why do I call it the saddest day of my school life?

Bipin and I were very close friends since we were in the sixth grade of our school. We did not leave each other even for a moment. We used to play together, walk together and study together.

The year was 1990 and the year was September. Ganesh Puja is on 6th of this month. We both attended the puja organized in our school.

The days passed smoothly till sunset and then came the fateful hour when I was busy serving the feast of worship. Bipin went to the nearby pond in search of his missing slippers.

While he was searching at the edge of the bathing-step, which was mossy and slippery, his foot slipped and he fell into the water.

The water was very deep and Bipin was not a good swimmer. Apart from this, the reed of the lilies twisted around his legs. Bipin was drowned with a cry.

But due to the haste of Pooja, his cry was not heard. As I had not seen him in the lines of the feast. I went and looked for him here and there. I went to his house and couldn’t find him there

Then we all looked for him. When we went to the pond and saw that his body was floating on the water, I jumped in the water and carried his body to the shore, the doctor took care and declared him dead.

I was so sad that I could not say a word. My heart was crying inside. When I saw his mother and sister coming, I burst into tears. They were crying.

They were bereaved and their grief knew no bounds. Then the funeral procession began with a sad music. It was the saddest day of my school life and probably in my entire life.


The days are coming and passing. But the day I am talking about will always be remembered as the saddest day in my life.

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