5-Minute Self-Government Day Speech in English for School Students

Honorable/Esteemed President/Principal/Headmaster, respected Chief Guest/Chief Speaker /Teachers and my friends. It is well-know to you about the purpose of today’s meeting.

Today is 31st August, the Self-Government Day. lam extremely glad today as I have been given a chance to speak something regarding the given topic the “Imortance of Self Government Day.”

In fact, today is 31st August, the Self-Government Day. It is going to be observed in all over Odisha with much pomp and grandeur. However, in our country the History of Self-Government is very ancient. Before it, the village corn mittee and Rural Committee were functioning.

Starting from Stone Age and Iron Age, there were Headman in villages and everything were implemented into action according to their orders. The Self-Government system came into being wils the ward members when India was being ruled by the British Government.

Then, the British Government approved this Self-Government System by the service of Lord Rippon Let us now discuss about our state. There were twenty towns in Odisha in 1951.

Gradually, this number in creased to more than hundred. The inhabitants of towns started increasing. Most of the people left villages and approached the towns for better facilities. For this reason, the town life. Became lost his peace.

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