350+ Words Short Essay on Books in English for Class 6,7,8,9 and 10



before the invention of the printing machine, books were written by hand. So there weren’t many books back then. A large number of books came out after the invention of the printing machine. Books are so big now that the world is filled with books. Such is the opinion of an eminent person.

Types of books

now there are many classes and subclasses of books. Therefore, we find prose, poetry and drama. In prose we find essays, stories, novels, short stories etc. In poetry we find epics, sonnets, songs, ballads, musical poems, etc. In play

we get one-act plays, multi-act plays, plays to be staged, plays to read, etc. Different books deal with different subjects, there are books on literature, politics, science, philosophy and ethics.

There are also professional books for men of the profession and course books for students. There are books for entertainment and humor. There are light readers and readers for serious study.

Selection of books

it is said that the world is full of books. One cannot read all the books in one’s lifetime and not all the books are worth reading. That’s why the choice of books is very important for us. We should take the advice of learned men to select books for study.


the usefulness of books can never be challenged. Voltaire, a french philosopher in the 18th century, said, “books rule the world”, and he is right. Books are our never-ending friends. Books are our friends, philosophers and guides. Books are more powerful than a machine gun and an atom bomb. Books are the storehouse of knowledge. There are many problems in our life. While reading good books we get their solutions.


we all have understood the benefits of books. That’s why we should make libraries of good books for ourselves. Students should take interest in good books and make the best use of them.

They should convert themselves into vengeful readers and try to finish as many books as possible during their student days.

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