250+ Words Short Essay on Electricity in English for Class 6,7,8,9 and 10

Essay on Electricity


In today’s time electricity has become quite common in the world. Everyone sees the wonderful work of electricity. Lights are burning on the streets due to electric current. Electric fans work in courts, high courts, and office rooms. Trains and trams run on electricity. So, electricity is no longer a strange thing.

Discovery of electricity 

About six hundred years ago the people of Asia Minor and Greece had a very crude idea about electricity. After this, American scientist Benjamin Franklin proved with the help of kite that there is electricity in clouds. Lightning is nothing but the discharge of lightning that is contained in the clouds.

Artificial production of electricity 

Electricity is generated artificially from waterfalls. Scientists protect artificial waterfalls in rivers where there is no waterfall. Electricity is also collected from coal by setting up thermal stations near coal mines. The heat below the earth and the heat of the sun can be converted into electrical power.

The use of electricity 

The present age is the age of electricity. Hence, we find various uses of electric power. Huge factories of heavy industries are easily run by electric current. Small scale industries come under the guild system and take the help of electricity.

Many trains, trams, buses, and slips run on electricity. X-ray pictures are also taken with the help of this power. It is with the help of this powerful electric light that great surgical treatments are performed on dark nights.

With the help of this power, the machines of radio-set, television, and telescope work. Electric power is used to light public streets, waiting rooms, conferences, and meetings. Because of this electrical power, cold-storage has been made possible. Medical wards and cinema halls are air-conditioned with the help of electricity.

Many private individuals also use this power to make their home life comfortable. Most of the things we use are made in factories that run on electric power. Therefore, the uses of electricity are many.


In India, we need more electricity to fulfill our ambition projects. There is ample scope for setting up a large number of power plants in our country. Let us look forward to the day when Indian agriculture will be mechanized with the help of electricity.

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