250+ Words Short Essay on Festivals of India in English for Class 5,6,7,8,9 and 10

Essay on Festivals of India


A festival is a kind of celebration. It’s got a religious bias. Various festivals are celebrated by different religious groups. Hindus celebrate many festivals throughout the year.

The car-festival in Puri is the biggest among them. It is the most prestigious festival

in the Hindu world. This festival is organized at many places in India. But what happens in Puri is the greatest.


The car festival is usually celebrated in the month of July. But the exact date varies from year to year.


Before this day, a large number of Hindus from different parts of India visit Puri. Railways have to face a huge rush of people. Anti-Cholera Vaccine is compulsorily given to the pilgrims at the Railway Station, Puri.

The priests of the Puri temple and their representatives do a big business on the pilgrims. On this occasion, they earn a lot of money.

During this time shopkeepers and many other businessmen earn a lot. The three deities of the Puri temple are known as Jagannath, Balabhadra, and Subhadra. On the day of this festival, they are brought from the temple and made to sit on three different wooden chariots.

These chariots are quite huge in size, powerful strings are attached to these chariots. The chariots move as the pilgrims pull the strings forward. Lakhs and millions of pilgrims gather around the chariots.

They walk as soon as the chariot moves. With full devotion to all the deities. Voiced by Brass Band. There are many more. The sound of musical instruments rises high in the sky. Carol’s voices are being heard everywhere.

Don’t want prayer songs. The chants of rituals are heard for a long time. All these confusing sounds make a lot of noise at that time. These sacred chariots are pulled for more than a mile till Gundicha House.

The deities reside in the said house for nine days. On the tenth day, the return journey is made to the Puri temple. It is a part of the car-festival and is known as the holy retreat. It’s fine with just as much pomp and grandeur.

When the chariots reach the main temple, the deities are taken to the temple and placed in their respective shrines. Then the gold dress is put on the sacred idols.


Car festival is the biggest festival of Hindus. Every Hindu in any part of the world aspires to see it at least once in his lifetime.

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