250+ Words Short Essay on Radio in English for Class 6,7,8,9 and 10



Science has many gifts for us. Radio is one of them. It was invented by the great Italian scientist Marconi. A radio is a box that contains some wires. But it does the greatest wonder of the world. It receives distant sound without the help of any wire connection.

Radio-sets are now available in stores. We can hear radio anywhere in cities and towns, in villages and hamlets, in shops and restaurants, in schools and colleges, in buses and railways, and in ships and planes.


Radio is very useful. It is of great use to us. We listen to news in the radio, important speeches, government announcements, market rates, weather reports, melodious music, short plays and other things.

News of an incident can be sent to all parts of the world within three minutes. It is with the help of radio, sea-sold ships can beg airplanes in the sky for help in their danger. This is possible only through radio.

The world is informed about the movements of locusts through radio. That’s why radio is doing us a great service.


Radio is organized on an organized basis. High powered radio-stations have been installed. There is more than one radio station in each country. Everything is relayed from these stations. The main radio station of India is called.

“All-India Radio” and “Akashvani”. In Pakistan, it is called ‘Radio Pakistan’. In Great Britain, it is known as the British Broadcasting Corporation or BBC. is called.


Radio is improving day by day. It is very convenient to use transistors. We are eagerly waiting for the day when radio will be integrated with television.

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