250+ Words Short Essay on Road Accident in English for Class 6,7,8,9 and 10

Essay on Road Accident


Sometimes, misfortune comes without notice. You can’t know a minute ahead what’s lying to you. Such is the mystery of God. An accident is an accident. It has no explanation. It is the monopoly of God.

The accident can be minor or major. It can leave you with a minor injury, it can take your life; Or it could seriously hurt you.

The accident that Happened

I had an accident once. It was a road accident. This caused a serious fracture in my spine. My skull was also badly injured on the right side. I was completely unconscious soon after the accident.

When I regained consciousness, I found myself in the surgical ward of the General Hospital, Cuttack.

It took me two full days to regain my senses. It took me a full six months to fully recover. My parents and my siblings quickly went to Cuttack and came to me. Proper care and treatment saved me from the early end of my life.

Accident Details

On my birthday this year, I was on my bicycle early in the morning. I’m a good cyclist; But every good turn turns bad when luck turns against man.

A heavy truck was coming ahead from the opposite direction at Ranihat. There was a bullock cart on the way. I thought that the car driver would stop there till the truck passed by.

But the trainman suddenly left his car in motion. I was stuck between the car and the truck. I couldn’t decide what to do. I lost all control over my nerves. The front wheel of my bicycle hit the wheel of the car and I fell in front of its wheel.

I was lucky I couldn’t get ahead of the truck. Otherwise I would have died on the spot. The cartman could not control his oxen and the wheel rolled down my spine.

There and then, I fainted. I do. I don’t know how my skull got injured. Perhaps it was because of a heavy kick imposed by a bull.


This accident was the only major accident in my life. Since then, I keep myself very careful while riding a bicycle.

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