350+ Words Short Essay on Science in Our Daily Life in English for Class 6,7,8,9 and 10

Science in Our Daily Life


In today’s time, science plays an important role in our daily life. From matches to electricity, from bicycles and motorcycles to four-wheelers, from balloons to airplanes, paper to printed books, from trucks and buses to trains, all are the products of modern science.

In our daily life, we ​​are heavily dependent on these scientific items. Telegraph and telephone are also the products of science.

The radio and television we love so much are products of science. The cinema, bi-scope, and audio-visual sets are produced by Science. And we depend heavily on all such scientific stuff. Hence science has become a part of our daily life. So we cannot imagine our life except modern science.

Different aspects

In our daily life, we take the help of various aspects of science. Science has developed a lot in the field of medicine and surgery. People take their patients to the hospital to seek the help of medical science.

Thousands of patients are getting cured with scientific treatment. In the field of education, science has contributed greatly to the educational system and scientific method of teaching based on child psychology.

A lot of education is given through radio and television. In the field of agriculture, we use technology based on science. The farmers among us have adopted the scientific method of agriculture.

In the field of communication, we travel by scientific vehicles, which saves our time. We also use counting machines called computer in our daily life. Wall-clock, table clock, pocket watch, and wrist-watch are used by most of our people in their daily life. These too are the gifts of science.


There is no doubt that we are living in the age of science and as a result science has become a part of our daily life.

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