250+ Words Short Essays on Circus in English for Class 5,6,7,8,9 and 10



The circus is famous all over the world. It is interesting for young children. Circus Party is an organized group. It entertains people and earns money in its own way.

It has trained individuals and trained animals. They perform different tricks and give pleasure to our mind. There are some jokers among them.

Jokers joke all the time. There are famous circus parties in India like Kamala Circus and Ramon Circus. There are still big parties in other countries.

A circus I visited

Once I visited the first show of Rayman Circus in Cuttack. I saw many years ago. The circus party lasted there for five months. He put up his tent in the PM’s playground. Academy.

I booked a ticket, went inside and sat in the gallery. The show started at 6 pm. The people of the circus performed various feats. They played at a height of two hundred meters.

An iron wire was held to one side in the air. A young woman held a multicolored plastic umbrella in her hand and walked on the wire. Some young players did body bending feats at a height of twenty meters. Then came the elephants.

He sat down and greeted the guests. Their number was seven. Now the horses have arrived. The rider of each horse was a monkey. After they went back a monkey came on a tricycle.

It was a very interesting scene. Finally, we saw lions and tigers in steel cages. They roared and roared and the visitor felt worried. The king of the jungle was behind bars.

That’s why we didn’t give up. The number of lions was six. They all sat on top of each other, then got off. The number of tigers was six. They were standing on their hind legs.

Then the lions and tigers were taken back. It was a really interesting circus. Joker entertained us all the time. The show ended at 9 pm. And I came back home.


I was very impressed by the excellent adventures I’ve seen. It was really wonderful. it was even more wonderful

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