5-Minute Short Speech on Discipline in English for Students Life

Write a 1,2,3 and 5-Minute Very Short Simple/easy Motivational Speech on Discipline in English for Students ( Class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10 )Life and Kids

Honourable/Esteemed/President/Principal/Headmaster, respected chief guest/chief speaker/teachers, and my friends.

Today I am standing in front of you to express my speech on the topic “Discipline”. The greatest secrete of success in our world.

A man without discipline is like a car, without brake. It invites accidents, dangers.

Discipline is the first-ever requisite of every organized thing from the heaven down to the earth.

The planets, the moon and the stars revolve round the sun in a regular pattern. Different limbs of our body function in a regular order.

In a rule seasons come and go, days and nights come and go one after another, flowers bloom, fruits ripe, and raindrops fall, on the earth. The whole universe obeys discipline, or there shall be chaos and anarchy.

Discipline never confines our lives. Only one who knows how to respect liberty can lead a disciplined life. Our freedom never empowers us to walk in the middle of the road or to sing at the highest pitch of our voice at midnight.

If we are free to do so then others are also free to collide against us or to beat drums in the front of our houses. This will completely ruin our society.

As the inhabitants of a free country, it is our responsibility to obey the laws of the country and guard against its manipulation by anybody. To be a disciplinarian never asks any price.

It is a mental setup, an adjustment with our surrounding to live a better-dignified life. Discipline makes a student’s life regular. A disciplined student does his work punctually and sincerely. His serenity of mind is never disturbed.

So he reads well and secures good marks at examinations. He can be loved and honoured by all. He can use his brain to achieve tremendous intellectual fruit. “Be disciplined. Be a good citizen.”

Thank You

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